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Savage Soaps’ best-selling soap, Beersud™, is now available at Monocacy Brewery, 1781 N Market Street, Frederick, MD.

Monocacy Brewing proudly brews microbrewery beer utilizing local ingredients. They are best known for their Riot Rye Pale Ale.

You can tour the Monocacy Brewing plant on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Taste the brews while you get the low-down and grab yourself a Beersud soap, made from their Nut Brown Ale!

For a touring schedule and tickets visit:

Savage Soaps are now on the shelf at Whole Foods, 11355 Woodglen Dr., Rockville, MD. Blanca, Whole Body Mgr., is stocking Beersud, Beach Bum, Eros, O Honey Fairest, Jabon de Mango, and Paris.


Savage Soaps on the shelf at Rockville Whole Foods


Blanca at Whole Foods

Savage Soaps are wildly cool, but at the same time, they’re also highly beneficial. Natural and olive oil-based, each one has a personality of its own! We produce our soaps in the highest standards, using 100% essential oils and the purest ingredients from our natural earth. You are sure to be pleased with anti-aging benefits such as… healthy, softer, smoother, younger looking skin. Many clients with skin issues rave about Savage Soaps being the ONLY soap they can use while seeing their skin issues disappear!

Savage Soaps is a two-time global award winner for package design and the soaps have gained celebrity status as they have been personally requested by Universal Studios by actors for their movie sets.

Get some today and… “Get wet with Savage!”

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