new chocolate soap 2014Almost any flavor or scent is now available to pamper the body and to soothe the soul. Relaxing in the bubbles and suds of your favorite aroma while benefiting from nature’s best ingredients makes for good health, both inside and out. Chocolate soap for bath time is a special way to delight the skin and the senses.

Chocolate is a natural healer, helping to relieve stress and introduce antioxidants to the body. The prime ingredient, cacao, comes from a small, bitter bean that is packed full of natural disease fighting elements such as flavonoids and theobromine. Also containing iron and magnesium, cacao can help ward off nasty effects of aging as it can help to make arteries and veins more flexible.

The bitter cacao has commonly been mixed with sugar and butter to make it sweet and palatable, still yielding the natural benefits to health. Going a step further, it is not only beneficial inside the body, it can work wonders for the skin.

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Savage Soaps Chocolat Olive oil soap

Chocolate has been found to be a soothing healer for the skin, as well. Many salons are now offering chocolate facials, as the antioxidants in the formula help to ward off acne-friendly bacteria. An all natural soap has been developed by Savage Soaps, based out of Frederick, Maryland, and is simply called Chocolat. The hand-crafted treat for the skin is full of moisturizing olive oil, other natural ingredients and of course chocolate. The luxurious aroma of chocolate can easily add to a delightful bath experience, with maybe some bon-bons on the side.

Bubbling alongside the decadent Chocolat bar of soap, Savage Soaps offer over 40 varieties consisting of natural blends that use olive oil and other essential healing oils. Whatever your fancy, the anti-aging benefits of the soaps come packaged in exotic designs with an even better outcome with regular use.

Soaps that are commercially manufactured often contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that can actually be harmful to the skin. While promoting cleanliness, they can strip the skin of vital oils and deplete it of moisture. Handcrafted soaps, such as the ones made by Savage Soaps contain natural glycerin which attracts moisture and restores smoothness and elasticity.

Chocolate, along with red wine and even beer, can have long lasting positive effects on the appearance of the skin. These three are known for their antioxidant qualities and combined with essential oils and elements found in nature’s garden can only be good, delighting the skin and the senses. Nature is the key, as opposed to man-made substances that often go against long term health.

Handcrafters of soaps and other natural products pay close attention to the details of formulating blends of the Earth and adhering to producing quality goods that promote health, well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. If chocolate is not your favorite, Savage Soaps also offers aromatherapy oils to combat PMS, stress and the common cold. Bath time and showers can be fun, relaxing and refreshing when knowing the product used is natural and healing.

Also lathering up with another soap by Savage Soaps, Beersud, made with nut brown ale, can make a long day seem worthwhile with its warm, spicy aroma and beneficial blend of natural oils. Almond, Grapefruit, Mango and Honey are just a few others to throw into the mix when the days of wine and roses draw to a close. A red wine soap may be in the near future, as anything natural seems to hold the power of healing and health.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon. Liberty Voice article online: