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Calling it a day, is not always easy for most workaholics and stay at home moms. It simply does not end at five-o-clock. Rushing kids to practice, running errands, making phone calls to sales people and scheduling home repairs can consume the evening. Dinner would be nice with all of the family members present, but many Americans keep shuffling through paperwork, pet chores and laundry well into the mid-night hours. A quick drive-thru for food while waiting for lessons to be completed is an every-day routine for too many married couples with children.

Even a single person may find themselves without a well balanced meal, only to catch up with social net-working sites and DVR’ed movies and shows. The evening easily disappears, as many go to bed still aching and stressed out, anticipating the next day.

Simple measures to relax and restore are available and can yield a wealth of healing as the days pass into months. Relaxing with a book, doing a puzzle or simply taking a long bath can work wonders to relieve headaches and muscle pain. Rejuvenating in sensuous suds with a bubbly brew may be just what the doctor orders. Heeding the call and sacrificing the time away from electronics is the key to a peaceful evening and a good night’s sleep.

Partaking of home remedies such as essential oils and aromatherapy can make a world of difference in the mood of the coming day. Forgetting the world in a sensuous sudsy bath with natural healing soaps offered in many scents, can take the edge off the unforgiving bosses and demands of the everyday deadlines. A few minutes in luxury can multiply into many hours of productiveness.

Alternative health remedies and homeopathy treatments have been viewed somewhat skeptically, but the ones who think outside the box have seen a difference. Through meditation, prayer, relaxation techniques and products such as those from Savage Soaps, benefits of healing have taken place with rejuvenation of lives. Sensuous baths with suds and bubbly brews such as soap made from beer and wine, have shown to be healing and help to guard against bacteria and fungus.

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Enjoying numerous scents, handcrafted by the experts in soap making, Savage Soaps of Frederick, MD and Misti Morningstar, entrepreneur, have testimonially improved lives and well being. The secret is stored beneath each bar of special ingredients and natural substances that enhance  life. Donated beers and pale ales from The Monocacy Brewery and The Flying Dog Brewery have helped create Beersud and Go Foam Yourself soaps. With natural beer ingredients, the soaps are unique in style and bubbly in nature. A new kid on the block is coming soon with Sangria Sud, infusing the house red wine sangria from the Wine Kitchen Restaurant.


Natural beer and wine sources have been miraculously fashioned into soothing blends of cleansing soaps and lotions. Restoring natural balance with the skin, sensuous suds, joined with bubbly brews have embarked in a whole new world of relaxation and healing. moisturizing the skin, bath time with Savage Soaps is both fun and forgiving.

A long day at the office or chasing kids can be easily washed away, as moods can change and ambitions do increase. Not just for romance anymore, bubble baths with healing, natural oils and ingredients can help to turn the clock back in more ways than one.

Beer and wine scented and infused soaps are the next generation of becoming a new you. Reinventing the wheel, reeling back the time and reliving your youth is all possible with healing soaps, sensuous suds and bubbly brews. Take time for yourself, relax and recount the day. The possibilities remain endless with Savage Soaps, aromatherapy, a good book and maybe a glass of the bubbly.

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