When it comes to the WooWoo, you gotta admit…. it gets people’s attention! And the recent Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candle, that claims to smell like her vagina, is no exception. The first thing that most likely runs through your mind is, “I wonder what THAT smells like, right? Sweet? Fruity? Salty? Sweaty? All of the above?” Gosh, what one must use to keep those lady garden doors fresh and open for business?

The vagina is THAT SPECIAL place where every woman wants to focus on ‘self love’. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, you want the vajayjay to be in top form! If you’re new to Misti’s vagina soap, VAJINGO, you’re in for a labia awakening.

VAJINGO, is the only natural handmade soap of its kind. Misti, formulated it herself for women everywhere, with organic plant extracts and superior essential oils (one of which is a natural aphrodisiac). It helps to keep Ph levels optimal, fights odor, and keeps yeasty invasions and UTI’s at bay. VAJINGO is gentle and mild (no fragrance, no colorants, and no BS) and it will help to keep you super fresh longer. Your partner will love it too!

Gwyneth’s Vagina Candle was probably inspired by how fresh she’s made her own fiddly bits. And now you can have fresh bits too!

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