If you watched the Squid Game, then you are fully aware of the white knuckle ride this series made you feel, while you binge watched every episode. We can’t wait for the next series. But until then, we decided to fill the void with our own Savage Soaps game.

Savage Soaps Game

Here’s how it works…

Game #1:

Life is a game…and your bathing routine is no exception. It can be a challenge to find the RIGHT soap bar for your skin. Will it work to eliminate dry skin? We dare you to play the game and find out! Lather up with this adrenaline boosting bar and guess the scent? Follow Savage Soaps, and then post your answer on Facebook & Instagram. Tag @SavageSoaps to be entered to win!! Ready. Shower. Go.

And what do you win? Well, that’s also a surprise!

There’s only 56 spots in game #1. So what’s it going to be? Are you game?

[ Game #2 is in production ]