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Weddings are in abundance now and it’s pretty neat to get something cool as a Wedding Favor. One of our customers decided to made her own Wedding Shower Gifts using Savage Soaps! We provided the soaps (assorted scents) cut to her specifications, and then she purchased the bags, and decorative inserts. She did her creative magic and Voila! A decadent soap gift that anyone would love.




Rough, dry, or ashy skin? Savage Soap Salt Scrubs are specially formulated to smooth away rough spots while deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Your skin will feel so right because after using it…you are left feeling silky smooth and glowing with good health. You won’t believe it til you try it because your skin will feel amazing and will have never felt so good.

Savage Salt Scrubs have many luxurious therapeutic benefits that have been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. By bringing these ancient healing practices together, we have created a very unique and effective product for you to enjoy… bringing the spa into your home!

Our salts, derived from the Netherlands and Bonaire, have an incredibly high mineral content, which is known for its powerful healing and restorative powers to the body. The combination of salt with pure essentials provide aromatherapy benefits to calm the body and mind by penetrating up through the nasal passages into the brain. A science that has been practiced for thousands of years. And the addition of our exclusive blend of anti-aging bran/olive oils will bring balance to to your skin by providing nutrients needed to stay firm, young, and vibrant.

Salt Scrub invigorates circulation, helps deplete cellulite, heals acne, heals skin issues, reduces stress and anxiety, removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates, and certain essential oils such as lemon will provide anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits with regular usage. If you are a bath lover, Dissolve some into your tub to soak the stress away and moisturize your skin.

Stop into our store today and try some FREE! Our new Summer Salt Scrubs scents are Birds of Paradise, Watermelon, Honeydew, Strawberry Champagne, Beach Bum, Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate Mint, Lavender Rose, Peony, and Lilac. Or we’ll make one in any scent you prefer! Get your skin savagely radiant and glowing for summer fun!

16 oz. jar/ $10

SALT SCRUB : Try it FREE in our store!

You will love our Savage Salt Scrub. The benefits are: Dead skin removal imparting a natural glow and softness, increased circulation, and cellulite reduction. Salt scrub helps to relieve many skin disorders because of the therapeutic and mineral qualities in the salt combined with the healing of natural essential oils. Try it out and feel the difference in your skin immediately! $10/16 oz. jar


Chakras are energy points located in the central part of the body. The chakras are thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional, and mental nature. When any of these energy zones are out of alignment, disharmony can set in and disrupt the flow of energy through the body causing emotional and physical issues. Essential oils are naturally absorbed into the body through the skin and also into the brain through the lining of the nose, affecting the body’s chemistry in many positive ways. Our essential oil blends are specially formulated for CHAKRA: centering and balance of energy points, AH: manifesting one’s desires, OM: gratitude and giving thanks, ZEN: peace and tranquility. They will elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring forth the serenity and desires you seek. $24.95/vial

BUGGLES™ : Natural Essential Oil Remedies in Stress, Flu, Cold, and PMS

BUGGLES™ is a series of four natural aromatherapy blends created to help combat the flu, stress, PMS and the common cold. What many people do not realize is that certain essential oils have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Furthermore, viruses and bacteria do not become resistant to essential oils that contain these properties. The formulas are available in a 8 oz. bubble bath/gel, body oil, room spray and 16 oz. bath salts. $12.95


We have a variety of perfume oils. These are a lovely alternative to traditional spray colognes since they do not contain alcohol, therefore longer lasting on the skin. Some of our favorites are Chanel No. 5, Coco Chanel, Happy, Escada and more. $7.00/vial


We can create natural remedies for many disorders. Essential oils offer a more agreeable and benign alternative to synthetic drugs, which can cause so many adverse reactions and side-effects. Blends can be made for headaches, acne, dry skin, bug repellant, nail fungus, edema, mouth ulcers, insomnia, bipolar disorder, sprains, muscle relaxant, stress, colds, flu, PMS, arthritis and many other ailments. Please email: with your inquiry and pricing. CUSTOM LABELED SOAP We custom label our soap for Fundraisers, Sales Promotion Giveaways, Wedding Favors, and Wholesale Retail. Send us an email at for more information.

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Specially blended essential oils for meditation and yoga enthusiasts.

Savage Soaps, located at 10 East Church Street in Downtown Frederick, has just developed an exciting new and beneficial line of essential oils blended specifically for meditation and yoga usage. They are proud to add it to their extensive offerings of handcrafted natural olive oil soaps and other custom body-care products.

Misti Morningstar, aromatherapist and owner of Savage Soaps, created four aromatherapy essential oil blends. ‘CHAKRA’, to clear and center energy points in the body;  ‘AH’ for creating and manifesting your desires; ‘OM’ for gratitude and giving thanks, and ‘ZEN’ for achieving tranquility, peace and relaxation.

Chakras are energy points located on the midline of the body. They correspond to different parts of the body and It is said that if one’s chakras are ‘open’, ‘centered’ or ‘clear’, then one is considered to be operating in full capacity of oneself. Our chakras contribute to our wellbeing and if any of the energy points are unbalanced then this, in turn, causes unbalance in certain areas of your life. Meditation is an effective method for opening chakras, especially with the addition of specific essential oils, which will enhance the experience, provide grounding and offer a sense of calmness.

Meditation is not exclusive to any particular culture or religious belief. Meditation induces a sense of relaxation allowing one to become receptive to enlightenment. During yoga and meditation, it is common for one to enter a desired state of mind. For instance, if you want to enter a state of gratitude for your daily session, you would use the “OM’ essential oil blend to help achieve that desired state. “OM” is a common mantra used for giving thanks or embracing all that exists.

“AH” is the sound of creation, therefore one would use the ‘AH’ essential oil blend when wanting to enter a desired state of manifestation. While meditating you could also use the mantra “AH” for added effectiveness while visualizing your desires.

‘ZEN’ essentially means a meditative state. Typically everyone searches for happiness outside of the body – but happiness comes from within. Many people experience huge stressors in their lives, so what the ‘ZEN’ essential oil blend offers is natural stress relief to help enter that desired state of going inward in the body to arrive at peace, relaxation, and ultimate happiness.

Throughout the ages essential oils have been used in rituals and ceremonies in early Egyptian and even more lavishly in Roman times. Oils infused with essential oils were rubbed onto their bodies after bathing, they wore unguents to scent their hair, and additionally used scented powders in their clothes and bed linens. Essential oils were used medicinally as well for nearly every type of affliction.

Most people do not realize the powerful benefits of using essential oils but they are increasing in popularity as our society becomes more educated in their usage. When combined properly, essential oils are naturally absorbed into the body through the skin and also into the brain through the lining of the nose, affecting the body’s chemistry in many positive ways. Essential oils also offer a more agreeable and benign alternative to synthetic drugs, which can cause so many adverse reactions and side effects.

Because they are so powerful, a little goes a long way. To use, just apply a few drops much like you would when wearing cologne, to the inner wrist or elbow, or neck.

“My inspiration for these oils came from one of my girlfriends, who is a yoga enthusiast. She expressed a desire for an oil to use during her yoga sessions, so I initially created the CHAKRA oil for her to try. She loved it and suggested I create awareness for it by offering it for sale so others may benefit from it. I took her advice and created four varieties and I’m thrilled that it has been so well received. My friend now wears her CHAKRA oil as a daily fragrance and puts drops of it on her blanket at night to help her sleep,” stated Morningstar.

The entire line of Meditation and Yoga Essential Oils are available online at Savage Soaps , or at Savage Soaps retail store and the Om Chakra Spa in downtown Frederick MD.

For more information on Savage Essential Oils and other Savage Soap products, please contact us at .

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