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Savage Soaps, whose headquarters are located in Frederick, MD, launched a direct to consumer ad campaign today highlighting ‘Goodfellas’, one of their more popular handcrafted soaps for men. The commercial was produced and filmed in Burbank, CA by Grant Morningstar. The campaign will focus on different Savage Soaps products and those upcoming commercials are already in the works and due out later in 2019.

Savage Soaps handcrafts over 50 natural olive oil soaps. The soaps are made in small quality controlled batches with superior oils and essentials. They are palm oil free, color free, and vegan. The packaging is also eco-friendly and compostable.

“A large percentage of our clientele have skin issues, such as dry itchy skin, red bumps, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Our soaps have been shown to help them overcome these issues. Grant and I are proud to be helping people around the world who suffer from all sorts of skin related problems,” stated Misti Morningstar, owner/founder.

The Bragging Mommy Blog has one of the highest blog readerships and followers around! We are honored and grateful for Kim’s review of our products!

Read all about Kim’s Savage Soaps review on The Bragging Mommy Blog and enter the sweepstakes giveaway and take advantage of the order discount on our website!


Click to find out more about Maryland with Pride’s Seasonal Shopping for Valentine’s Day! Stop by Savage Soaps to pick up your favorites to celebrate the love in your life!


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As Seen on ABC Steve Harvey’s Funderdome!


This season is important to us here at Savage Soaps, we wait (im)patiently all year to be able to roll out our holiday cheer and now it’s finally here! Hit up our site  or our store to see the full range of products we have for you. Salt Scrubs are great this time of year for dry itchy skin. And Body Butter Creams help to keep you super moisturized.

While you’re with us, be sure to check your list twice for gift giving and stock up! Our soaps make great stocking stuffers!!

Use promo code: CYBER20 at checkout.

Thank you for your business & Happy Holidays,
Misti & Grant Morningstar, and the Savage Soaps crew!


Black “Frosty” Friday, downtown Frederick, MD location or online.


Hey Steve Harvey Funderdome Fans and Savage Soaps Friends!
If you haven’t tried Catoctin Berry Rose (Cranberry Rose) with our very own Savage Soaps Rosewater, now’s your chance! Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. Combined with the superior anti-aging oils within the soap, you will surely notice an amazing difference in your skin! Get yours now on Amazon with Free shipping! Click the photo or Title Link Below for direct access on Amazon and share with your friends!

Savage Soaps Catoctin Berry Rose Natural Olive Oil Soap

About the product
  • As Seen on ABC Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. Gourmet Handcrafted Olive Oil Soap
  • Skin Softening Clarifying Rosewater ingredients
  • Made from Savage Soaps Rosewater
  • Beneficial Olive Oil Soap
  • Fresh Sweet Cranberry and Rose

Savage Soaps® CATOCTIN BERRY ROSE. We take the essence of wild roses and cranberries to create the beautiful sweet fragrance of Catoctin Berry Rose soap. Transform your shower into scenic Catoctin mountain vistas awaiting your exploration; wildlife nestled within the ferns; singing birds and butterflies floating freely amongst the roses…Get wet with Savage®

Savage Soaps® are made in the highest gourmet standard. Slight imperfections are characteristic of the craft. Ingredients: All vegetable olive, rice bran and coconut oils; Rosewater, cranberry rose fragrance. Naturally Superior & Color free. Gluten free. Vegan. Palm Oil Free. No animal products or testing. No petroleum products. Not recommended for infants. Store in cool dry area for longevity. Net Wt. 6.5 oz.
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