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Bob has been a customer for years and he loves Savage Soaps so much that he bought all of the ‘Paris’ we had on the shelf for his wife. Her skin is sensitive and this is the only soap she can use. YAY!!!! Thanks Bob.

For everyone looking for great Christmas ideas… don’t forget to shop local and surprise your friends and family with a gift from Savage Soaps!

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5 Reasons to Soap-Up this Oktoberfest

Cheers Bro

While early and middle September belongs to pumpkin, as the temperatures truly begin to turn, in the distance you can hear the sounds of accordions,  the echoing of clogs, and maybe a yodel or two. That’s right, it’s Oktoberfest time. A time to celebrate the community, to celebrate the harvest of old and who are we kidding but to drink beer. Although, why just drink your beer, when you can actually benefit your body by WASHING with some of your favorite craft brews? Need some convincing here are just 5 of the many benefits.

No Hangover:  You know that awkward moment when you have a family function but your friends have been screaming DAS BOOT all night. Yeah it can be tricky to manage the two. Well washing with any of Savage Soap’s brew lines allows that subtle energy you feel from a night out, all while still making you presentable to grandma.

You’ll be in better shape: A recent poll shows that the majority of Americans shower after working out. While this seems like a no brainer, at least to everyone but Stevens in accounting, working out will get you into better shape. While not all beer is light, WASHING with a bar of Flying Dog ® Kujo is calorie free. While the actual soap won’t shed the pounds, going to the gym and pumping the iron will.

It’s good for your skin: Ever wonder why baseball players shower each other in beer? It’s because they care about each other’s skin. Alright maybe not in its foamy form but beer believe it or not does have natural antiseptic properties. In addition to those natural properties other ingredients in Savage Soaps ®’ brew lines feature other agents that on their own you might not choose, however in a soap like Flying Dog ® Bloodline, you also get the benefits of the infused orange peel that is rejuvenating for many skin types.

Easier to sneak onto a cruise ship:  October is a time that a lot of people take cruises and while cruises are a great way to relax,  due to new regulations it’s tougher and tougher sneaking booze onto the high seas…Well, you won’t need too but still can take your favorite microbrew with you.

It’s subtle: Yes, it’s unprofessional to smell like beer first thing in the morning. However if you’re worried that bathing with beer soap will cause an awkward trip in the elevator, fear not.  The smell is more than subtle, which means you and your skin, get the benefits of using an artisanal soap, less the artificial  chemicals you find in corporate brands, all while using some of your favorite craft brews in a new and refreshing way.

Beer Soaps

The great news too, Savage Soaps ® brew line has plenty to choose from like: Flying Dog® Pale Ale (honey lemon patchouli), Flying Dog® Kujo (coffee allspice), Flying Dog® Gourd Std. (pumpkin spice), Flying Dog® Bloodline (orange spice), Brewer’s Alley Beersud (clove cinnamon spice) , Mononcacy Brewing Co. O Honey Stout Sud (oatmeal & honey), & Red Shedman’s Honey Bourbon (bourbon, caramel, vanilla, leather).

Leave in the comments below or on our social media sites which of your favorite craft beers we should make a soap out of next.

Now, Wash Responsibly!

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Our Whole Lotta Rosie Soap photo shoot for the Savage Soaps’ advertising campaign was a huge success! There were lots of great photos but this one was the all around favorite. Pictured are Savage Soaps models Piret and Faith. If you know anyone who fits the personality of one of our soaps, email your photo to: for consideration to model for one of our next photo shoots. Get your Savage Soaps at our downtown Frederick location or ask for your favorite at your local Whole Foods or other natural food market.

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Savage Soaps models Piret and Faith. Photo by Misti Morningstar

Savage Soaps 2014

Calling it a day, is not always easy for most workaholics and stay at home moms. It simply does not end at five-o-clock. Rushing kids to practice, running errands, making phone calls to sales people and scheduling home repairs can consume the evening. Dinner would be nice with all of the family members present, but many Americans keep shuffling through paperwork, pet chores and laundry well into the mid-night hours. A quick drive-thru for food while waiting for lessons to be completed is an every-day routine for too many married couples with children.

Even a single person may find themselves without a well balanced meal, only to catch up with social net-working sites and DVR’ed movies and shows. The evening easily disappears, as many go to bed still aching and stressed out, anticipating the next day.

Simple measures to relax and restore are available and can yield a wealth of healing as the days pass into months. Relaxing with a book, doing a puzzle or simply taking a long bath can work wonders to relieve headaches and muscle pain. Rejuvenating in sensuous suds with a bubbly brew may be just what the doctor orders. Heeding the call and sacrificing the time away from electronics is the key to a peaceful evening and a good night’s sleep.

Partaking of home remedies such as essential oils and aromatherapy can make a world of difference in the mood of the coming day. Forgetting the world in a sensuous sudsy bath with natural healing soaps offered in many scents, can take the edge off the unforgiving bosses and demands of the everyday deadlines. A few minutes in luxury can multiply into many hours of productiveness.

Alternative health remedies and homeopathy treatments have been viewed somewhat skeptically, but the ones who think outside the box have seen a difference. Through meditation, prayer, relaxation techniques and products such as those from Savage Soaps, benefits of healing have taken place with rejuvenation of lives. Sensuous baths with suds and bubbly brews such as soap made from beer and wine, have shown to be healing and help to guard against bacteria and fungus.

savage soaps, celebrity soap

Enjoying numerous scents, handcrafted by the experts in soap making, Savage Soaps of Frederick, MD and Misti Morningstar, entrepreneur, have testimonially improved lives and well being. The secret is stored beneath each bar of special ingredients and natural substances that enhance  life. Donated beers and pale ales from The Monocacy Brewery and The Flying Dog Brewery have helped create Beersud and Go Foam Yourself soaps. With natural beer ingredients, the soaps are unique in style and bubbly in nature. A new kid on the block is coming soon with Sangria Sud, infusing the house red wine sangria from the Wine Kitchen Restaurant.


Natural beer and wine sources have been miraculously fashioned into soothing blends of cleansing soaps and lotions. Restoring natural balance with the skin, sensuous suds, joined with bubbly brews have embarked in a whole new world of relaxation and healing. moisturizing the skin, bath time with Savage Soaps is both fun and forgiving.

A long day at the office or chasing kids can be easily washed away, as moods can change and ambitions do increase. Not just for romance anymore, bubble baths with healing, natural oils and ingredients can help to turn the clock back in more ways than one.

Beer and wine scented and infused soaps are the next generation of becoming a new you. Reinventing the wheel, reeling back the time and reliving your youth is all possible with healing soaps, sensuous suds and bubbly brews. Take time for yourself, relax and recount the day. The possibilities remain endless with Savage Soaps, aromatherapy, a good book and maybe a glass of the bubbly.

Editorial By: Roanne FitzGibbon   Read article online at Liberty Voice:


Savage Soaps now offers a better shopping experience on their new website. The new site features a clean look, and in-depth product descriptions, which help the consumer (and retailers) decide which soaps are best suited for their needs.

It’s even iPad and cell phone friendly! Check it out here:

Savage Soaps are now on the shelf at Whole Foods, 11355 Woodglen Dr., Rockville, MD. Blanca, Whole Body Mgr., is stocking Beersud, Beach Bum, Eros, O Honey Fairest, Jabon de Mango, and Paris.


Savage Soaps on the shelf at Rockville Whole Foods


Blanca at Whole Foods

Savage Soaps are wildly cool, but at the same time, they’re also highly beneficial. Natural and olive oil-based, each one has a personality of its own! We produce our soaps in the highest standards, using 100% essential oils and the purest ingredients from our natural earth. You are sure to be pleased with anti-aging benefits such as… healthy, softer, smoother, younger looking skin. Many clients with skin issues rave about Savage Soaps being the ONLY soap they can use while seeing their skin issues disappear!

Savage Soaps is a two-time global award winner for package design and the soaps have gained celebrity status as they have been personally requested by Universal Studios by actors for their movie sets.

Get some today and… “Get wet with Savage!”


Rough, dry, or ashy skin? Savage Soap Salt Scrubs are specially formulated to smooth away rough spots while deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Your skin will feel so right because after using it…you are left feeling silky smooth and glowing with good health. You won’t believe it til you try it because your skin will feel amazing and will have never felt so good.

Savage Salt Scrubs have many luxurious therapeutic benefits that have been used for centuries to heal the body and mind. By bringing these ancient healing practices together, we have created a very unique and effective product for you to enjoy… bringing the spa into your home!

Our salts, derived from the Netherlands and Bonaire, have an incredibly high mineral content, which is known for its powerful healing and restorative powers to the body. The combination of salt with pure essentials provide aromatherapy benefits to calm the body and mind by penetrating up through the nasal passages into the brain. A science that has been practiced for thousands of years. And the addition of our exclusive blend of anti-aging bran/olive oils will bring balance to to your skin by providing nutrients needed to stay firm, young, and vibrant.

Salt Scrub invigorates circulation, helps deplete cellulite, heals acne, heals skin issues, reduces stress and anxiety, removes dead skin cells, rejuvenates, and certain essential oils such as lemon will provide anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits with regular usage. If you are a bath lover, Dissolve some into your tub to soak the stress away and moisturize your skin.

Stop into our store today and try some FREE! Our new Summer Salt Scrubs scents are Birds of Paradise, Watermelon, Honeydew, Strawberry Champagne, Beach Bum, Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate Mint, Lavender Rose, Peony, and Lilac. Or we’ll make one in any scent you prefer! Get your skin savagely radiant and glowing for summer fun!

16 oz. jar/ $10

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