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Savage Soaps, whose headquarters are located in Frederick, MD, launched a direct to consumer ad campaign today highlighting ‘Goodfellas’, one of their more popular handcrafted soaps for men. The commercial was produced and filmed in Burbank, CA by Grant Morningstar. The campaign will focus on different Savage Soaps products and those upcoming commercials are already in the works and due out later in 2019.

Savage Soaps handcrafts over 50 natural olive oil soaps. The soaps are made in small quality controlled batches with superior oils and essentials. They are palm oil free, color free, and vegan. The packaging is also eco-friendly and compostable.

“A large percentage of our clientele have skin issues, such as dry itchy skin, red bumps, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Our soaps have been shown to help them overcome these issues. Grant and I are proud to be helping people around the world who suffer from all sorts of skin related problems,” stated Misti Morningstar, owner/founder.

YAY!!!!!! Hey Ellen! Just wanted you to know about the new handcrafted ‘Ellen’ Super Fresh Sunflower soap we created in honor of you! Dave Gang of New Market, MD came in today, and upon seeing the soap, personally wanted to do this testimonial in our store!

We’ve been a fan of yours for years, follow you on Instagram and Twitter and admire the wonderful things you do for people, your humor, and fabulous energy.

So many of our clients also love you and they keep telling me I should send our soap to you. But I decided to create one for you instead. Let me know if you want to lather up with some!

You’re the best Ellen… inspiring, and a wonderful giving soul!!!!

-Misti Morningstar, Owner/Founder/Aromatherapist

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