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My best friend is from Fredrick, Maryland and one night we decided to enjoy a temperate evening on my front porch with some wine. We live in New Orleans and it’s near impossible to describe the level of stinging biting activity down here where summer weather lasts from April to September. But I can tell you that we refer to mosquitoes as the state bird of Louisiana! We sat on the porch for a half hour before the biting started. Then she remembered this Power Shield soap she’d picked up, on her last visit home, was actually in her bag. We went inside and washed our arms, ankles, necks and faces with it and returned outside. We sat outside there for another 6 hours and got not one other bite. The next day you’d better believe I was on the website to order multiple bars. I can think of no better testament to this product than the fact that it works in the deep south swamps, where literally no other product has.

– Angelina Starkey, New Orleans, Louisiana

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