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It’s here…the giving season is upon us and Cindy Kubica, host of Energized Living Today, wants to share some of her favorite gift ideas with you. From yummy Savage Soaps to great books, she has ideas to fit all budgets.

Cindy has chosen Savage Soaps® as one of her Favorite Gift Things! Hear all about us and some of her other favorite holiday gift things! Plus, get one-of-a-kind special deals!!

Don’t miss it!! She will talk about Savage Soaps live on the show Monday, Nov. 30th. Live online at the link below at 5 pm ET:

Thanks Cindy, and to all the listeners. We are so grateful for you!


Bob has been a customer for years and he loves Savage Soaps so much that he bought all of the ‘Paris’ we had on the shelf for his wife. Her skin is sensitive and this is the only soap she can use. YAY!!!! Thanks Bob.

For everyone looking for great Christmas ideas… don’t forget to shop local and surprise your friends and family with a gift from Savage Soaps!

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Savage Soaps Double

There have been a few frosty mornings here in Frederick. And with the leaves changing all the more beautiful while we stroll through Baker Park. As we gear up for Thanksgiving many Autumn scents come to mind. Like Chai Latte, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Pie, Spice Cake, Woodsy breezes, and fresh crisp Apple. Our little slice of heaven here on East Church Street is as homey as all of that.

There’s no better time than now to take time for yourself and enjoy the season. Now you can get your favorite scents of Fall formulated in different natural body care products to take home for your own mini spa experience. So here are some ideas.

Salt Scrubs: So you’re working more outside because the temps are lower and you don’t get as sweaty. Newsflash though, you are sweating under those layers of clothes, and this time of year that means all sorts of leaves and grimy junk gets into your skin. Salt Scrubs are the perfect solution, after a great autumn day outdoors, to help exfoliate all the dust you might be drumming up as you’re getting ready to bed down for the colder months ahead. Our salts scrubs are all natural and we make fresh assortments every day. Come by and sample some in our sink and you’ll discover how smooth and fresh your skin feels. It’s a great way to rejuvenate the hands and body after working outdoors. And it’s fabulous for dry itchy skin in the winter. Try our decadent Chocolate Lavender, Patchouli, Almondzilla, or Blackberry Vanilla!Salt Scrub

Soaps: Nothing is better for your dry skin than natural olive oil soap. It’s even naturally anti-aging! Try our limited Red Shedman Honey Bourbon soap. Made with Red Shedman’s honey bourbon ale. It’s intensely rich with caramel and a touch of leather. Or you may also like the musk in Out of Africa, or the deep forest scent of Hunt. Perfect for the outdoorsman or hunter.savagesoaps-8162

Exclusive Scents: Is there something about the smell of autumn that you want to bottle up? Whether it’s spice, woodsy, or fresh crisp apple… How about literally bottling it? Savage Soaps® can custom blend body lotion, body butter cream, salt scrubs, and even body sprays in any of your fall scents. Stop in and bottle your favorite scent handcrafted any way you like it.

#SavageHalloween: Don’t forget to tag your pictures of your exploits on all hallows eve, and more importantly how you take off all that makeup with our soaps! Post your photo on @ssoaps twitter, or Savage Soaps Facebook page!

So there’s our Autumn Sense for Scents this month, make sure you keep up-to-date on our blog as we’ll be talking more on seasonal scents and soaps soon!

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